Saturday, August 13, 2011

Attractions of the Heart by Cheri Crystal


This is Cheri Crystal's first published book and it won an award for Lesbian Erotica Anthology at the Golden Crown Literary Society awards ceremony in 2010.  People who like this genre should enjoy this book.

Attractions of the Heart is a series of short stories, some of which have appeared before in other places.  Each one starts with a front page photograph that could be a book cover and that sets up the topic of that story.  Erotica is what it is.  The characters have sex while fishing, in an airplane, with friends, in trucks, using sex toys and so forth.  There isn't much character development and no plot lines that tie the stories together, but that's not what the book is intended for.

The writing is aimed at an average level, but it gets the idea across and leaves nothing to the imagination.  There is humor in many of the stories and some romance.  For those who are looking for a quick shot to the libido, this book will serve the purpose well.  If you're looking for a book that develops a plot thoroughly along with the characters, then buy a novel.

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