Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ancestral Magic by Moondancer Drake

Publisher:              P. D. Publishing

What if everyone knows you have a secret except you?

Life hasn't been easy for Sky.  She's struggling to pay the bills on her waitress salary and her son Drake is blind.  When she hears she's inherited a large house from a relative she doesn't remember, she thinks her fortunes might be turning around.  The whole situation is very mysterious, so she invites her best friend Meg to move with them.  Meg has secretly loved Sky for years, but has watched her move from one bad relationship after another.  Meg doesn't believe Sky will ever love her as a partner, but she'll do anything for this woman and her son.  When they arrive in Green Grove they are bombarded with surprises.  Sky comes from an ancient family with magic in their blood and her new home is a portal which she is destined to protect.  A dark magic group called the Sect is trying to take it over and Sky has to muster all of the forces she remembers nothing about to fight them off.  All is not hopeless because Sky begins to realize what exactly she feels for Meg.  All they have to do is survive to enjoy their new relationship.

Ancestral Magic is light entertaining reading that features a good story and strong characters.  Sky is a strong woman who is buffeted by situations she doesn't want to be part of, but can't control.  The reader can sympathize with her as she struggles to understand how the pieces of her life are finally fitting together.  Meg's struggle to be the "best friend" to the woman she loves can have a familiar ring to women who think they can't reveal how they truly feel to their straight friends.  The atmosphere of Green Grove rolls off of the pages, drawing the reader in and casting a spell that will make you wish there is going to be a sequel to this story.

Ancestral Magic is a quick easy read for someone looking to pass a few hours.  The supernatural part will appeal to fans of that genre, but there's also a decent romance for other people.  Anyone into wizards, witches, Druids and such will like this book.

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