Saturday, August 13, 2011

Always Faithful by Isabella

Publisher:               Sapphire Books Publishing

Major Nichol "Nic" Caldwell has been sent home to recover after she survived a helicopter crash in Iraq.  Nic suffers from tremendous survivor's guilt because she was the only member of her crew to live.  Her job now is to do the "Informs," notifications to the families of other Marines who have been killed and help them with funeral plans and anything else they need.  When she is asked to notify Claire Monroe of her husband's death, Nic's life makes a dramatic change.  She thinks at first that she's especially interested in helping Claire because Nic knew her and her husband before.  Claire has a young daughter and appeared to have a happy marriage, so Nic is drawn to them.  Claire has a secret though and it causes her to lean on Nic more than usual.  Nic finds herself re-evaluating her feelings about both her career and the possibility of having a family.

Things happen pretty quickly in this story.  Because of a military screw-up, the funeral for Claire's husband is delayed and she starts falling in love with Nic before the poor man is even buried.  The story is also predictable.  Claire is vulnerable and self-sacrificing to her husband's memory.  Nic is stoic and honorable and doesn't want to take advantage of the situation.  Naturally they fall in love.  Things go a little too smoothly for these two since the book was written before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed, but that's what happens in fiction.

Always Faithful is an OK story with just a few editing mistakes in it.  It's fine for a couple of hours of light reading in an afternoon or evening.

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