Friday, August 12, 2011

All Gone by RJ Nolan

Publisher:           L-Book 

This is one for animal lovers, though part of it will make you sad.

Dr. Kody Garrett is working in vet clinic owned by a very demanding older doctor.  He has a reputation for burning through junior partners at an amazing speed, but Kody is determined to hold on and prove she’s his equal.  She thinks she’s getting her chance when her boss goes on vacation and leaves her in charge of the clinic, but then animals start dying.  When she suspects that someone is poisoning animals, Kody reports the situation to Animal Control and meets Officer BJ Braden.  Unfortunately, her boss didn’t want attention called to his clinic and Kody gets fired, but that doesn’t stop Kody and BJ from trying to catch the killer.  Things become more desperate when the killer starts hunting not only animals, but humans.

This is a fast paced, well told story that will keep you guessing about who is poisoning the animals.  The characters are pleasant, although one of the “bad girls” is perhaps the most interesting.  If you’re looking for some entertainment for a couple of hours, this is your book.  If you’re an animal lover, prepare to be angry.

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