Sunday, July 15, 2012

Remember Tomorrow by Gabrielle Goldsby

Publisher:        Bold Strokes Books

Cees (Case) Bannigan is the star of a successful home improvement TV show and having a satisfactory affair with the producer when she is contacted from someone out of her past.  Her ex-lover Arieanna Simons has been in an accident and has total amnesia.  She has no one to take care of her and Cees still has her power of attorney.  Cees was deeply hurt when Arie left her for no apparent reason before, but someone has to help her.  Cees infuriates her friends when she takes Arie in and then finds that she still has feelings for her.  Arie is hiding a medical secret from before the accident, which is what caused her to walk away, and that hasn’t disappeared.  Sometimes the best way to show you love someone is to give her up, but Arie isn’t sure she has the strength or will to do it again.

Gabrielle Goldsby does a good job in this book.  Her characters seem realistic and the story moves at a good pace.  What’s nice is that she deals with a difficult subject in a different way.  There is no villain, although it certainly looks at first as if Arie is one.  What Goldsby presents is a picture of two women who love each other so much that they nearly destroy each other.  Arie flees from the relationship because she wants to spare Cees the pain of witnessing what Arie thinks is going to happen to her health.  The problem is that Arie’s not happy and neither is Cees.  They both lead shallow lives.  The nice twist to the story is that, even though they reunite, the potential problem hasn’t disappeared, so they still face the same situation.

Another tweak to the plot is that Arie doesn’t remember what she did originally.  She thinks she and Cees are still a couple.  Two of the best characters in the book are Cees’ friends Lilly and Momma who are furious with Arie for what she did to Cees, but it’s difficult to articulate that to a woman who is sick and doesn’t remember what she did.  Their anger is equally directed at Cees for setting herself up to be hurt again.  These are flesh and blood characters that react exactly as you would expect them to.

Anyone looking for a good book to read, with strong characters and an interesting romance, should find what she’s looking for in Remember Tomorrow.

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