Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the Air by Geonn Cannon

Publisher:       P. D. Publishing

Nadine Butler is a popular radio disc jockey called “the Pixie” at a small station on Squire’s Isle in Washington.  She and her girlfriend Amy, who is a reporter for the local newspaper, are deeply in the closet until Nadine unintentionally outs herself at a town meeting.  Amy then reports on the incident and turns it into front page news.  When Nadine learns her job is threatened, she seizes control of the radio station and tries to start a gay revolution on the island.

There are a number of problems with this book.  The entire premise is silly and improbable.  When Nadine seizes the radio station, the police not only don’t try to stop her, but end up helping her.  The reader is supposed to believe that Nadine is closeted because of the community, but gay people erupt out of everywhere once she comes forward.  The love scenes are flat and most damning of all, the characters just aren’t interesting.  The whole story is superficial and rushed.  The quality of the book as a product isn’t good.  The laminated cover refuses to hold its shape and curls away from the book.

Anyone looking for a few hours of mindless reading may find On the Air suitable.  Unfortunately, this is a book that will be remembered more for its mistakes than its plot.

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