Monday, April 9, 2012

Redemption by DeJay

Publisher:         Regal Crest Enterprises

Architect MacKenzie Taylor has suffered for five years from the excruciating loss of her wife and child who were murdered by her wife's ex-husband.  She tries to fill her life by dedicating her spare time to a ball team for special children and volunteering at a woman's crisis center.  She thinks that, if she is able to save other women, she might be able to atone for not being able to save her family.  When Emily O'Brien rents one of her buildings, Mac finds another distraction.  Emily plans to start a bookstore to support herself and the two grandchildren she is raising after their mother was killed by a drunk driver.  While Mac helps Emily prepare the store and coaches her grandchildren on the team, she finds herself regaining the family feelings she thought she had lost.  Emily believes in moving ahead with what you have.  Mac has to decide if she's willing to move with her.

This book is about a number of issues that some readers might want to avoid as too serious for entertaining reading – domestic violence, child abuse, special needs children and the effects of grief.  DeJay writes about them in a manner that makes them part of the story, but not overriding themes.  Instead it's about coming out of those problems and how people take different courses to do that.  Emily is determined not to let the past shape her future and embraces life.  Mac has buried herself in her work and her charities as her life has stagnated, while the partner of Emily's daughter has enveloped herself in an alcoholic cloud that is ruining her.  The comparison of their lives sends a subtle message, rather than subjecting the reader to a lecture.

Redemption is a quick, easy to read story.  It takes what could be very dark topics and gives them an uplifting theme.  DeJay shows promise for the future as an author.

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