Monday, April 23, 2012

Buyer's Remose by Lori Lake

Publisher:          Regal Crest Enterprises

Buyer's Remorse introduces a new detective series by Lori Lake featuring Leona "Leo" Reese.  When Leo cannot pass her shooting qualification she is temporarily removed from her police duties and assigned as an investigator for the Department of Human Services.  Her first case involves a woman who is murdered at an assisted living facility.  Leo's job is to determine if the facility should be allowed to stay open, but her police training kicks in and instead she focuses on trying to solve the case.  As Leo tracks the clues, her private life is dissolving around her.  Her partner Daria is spending too many hours at her law firm, which is threatening their relationship, and Leo's vision problems turn out to have a frightening medical source.  Between tracking down the killer, trying to reconnect with Daria and making serious decisions about her health, Leo's plate is very full.

Lori Lake is no stranger to writing police stories.  Her earlier series proved that she knows the procedures.  Her experience in writing her previous books has made her adept at creating interesting characters, especially when they are flawed.  The book moves at a good pace, covers the issues and she is able to sustain the mystery almost to the end of the story.  Lake also knows how to handle a plot within the main plot as she examines the emotions that Eleanor Sinclair goes through after the murder of her long term partner.  Sometimes Eleanor's story is more interesting than the murder, but it never takes over the book.

Buyer's Remorse is easy to follow and fine for entertaining reading.  The reader will feel like she got her money's worth for this book.

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