Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Another Day by Regina Hanel

Publisher:         Regal Crest Enterprises

Sam Tyler enjoys her job as a park ranger at Grand Teton National Park, most of the time.  Sometimes she's thrown into dangerous situations, but every day offers something new.  That helps distract her from a tragedy that occurred two years ago and that she hasn't recovered from.  Sam isn't pleased at first when she's given a special assignment to work with photojournalist Halie Walker, but she's more cooperative when she finds out that Congress is considering closing Grand Teton Park and Halie's article might help prevent that.  As the women experience the park together, they grow to appreciate the work that each one does and to develop an attraction.  Sam is afraid to let anyone into her life though and Halie can't tolerate being around her as just a friend.  A helicopter crash could be the catalyst for changing everything.

Love Another Day is a standard romance.  The story follows the usual formula with no surprises.  It does give an interesting picture of how diverse a park ranger's job can be.  They do much more than direct tourists to scenic views.  Anyone who has read many romances will know where the story is headed before reading many pages.  The romance develops too quickly and complex questions have simple solutions; however, the reader who is looking for something light to pass the time with will find it acceptable.

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