Saturday, November 5, 2011

In A Family Way by Karen D. Badger

Publisher:           Blue Feather Books

Billie Charland isn't looking for more complications.  She's working two jobs as a paralegal and an aerobics instructor; then she spends time with her son Seth who is in a coma after being struck by a drunk driver.  When Caitlan O'Grady joins the aerobics class though, it's clear that the uncoordinated doctor needs some help.  Billie agrees to give her private lessons that lead to a relationship developing slowly between the women.  Caitlan has a daughter from a previous relationship and her family uses their resources to help Seth, so Billie and Caitlan are well on their way to establishing a new family when Billie's ex-husband catches up with them.  This provides more complications for women who weren't looking for any at all.

In A Family Way addresses a number of issues.  The characters fight prejudice and a neighborhood that is at first hostile to the lesbians who infiltrate their street.  Billie eventually finishes a law degree and becomes a crusader to change the state laws.  The main story however deals with creating a family.  They face issues of acceptance by relatives, cooperation from school authorities and the adoption of children.  There is a lot going on in this story, but it captures a picture of what lesbians go through in trying to gain acceptance for their families.

Karen Badger has experience as a writer from stories she has posted online and previously published books.  She knows how to create characters and  to make a story flow.  She has created a book that makes for pleasant reading.

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