Friday, July 19, 2013

Everything Pales in Comparison by Rebecca Swartz

Publisher:                   Bella Books

Everything Pales in Comparison is Rebecca Swartz’s debut novel and a strong entry for a new author.  It’s a traditional romance with some mystery added in.

Constable Emma Kirby is working on the security detail at a concert by Daina Buchanan when an explosion rips apart the stage, trapping the popular singer beneath the debris.  After she rescues Daina, Emma becomes part of the investigation into who would want to kill the entertainer.  The case takes an unexpected twist when the person who is trying to kill Daina also threatens Emma.  The women go into witness protection while the police try to find the stalker and have to live in the same house.  Emma likes a quiet life, which makes living with the head-strong Daina difficult, especially when Daina won’t accept how much danger exists for them.  The attraction that begins to grow between them bothers Emma because she’s afraid the distraction may cost one or both of them their lives.

The story itself isn’t unique and follows a regular pattern for romances.  The characters are well drawn though and the pacing is appropriate for the book.  The story also isn’t cluttered with unnecessary scenes, so it moves quickly.  Everything Pales in Comparison is excellent escapist reading and shows that Swartz has potential for the future.

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