Monday, May 27, 2013

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Maria V. Ciletti

Publisher:                   Intaglio Publications

Fans of Maria Ciletti’s previous books about Dr. Mina Caselli and her partner Rosemary Rosetti will welcome another book in the series.  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow picks up their story fifteen years after Clinical Distance.  Their partnership has settled into a routine as many long term relationships do, perhaps too much of a routine, and Mina’s duties at the hospital and Ro’s cases as a police detective keep them both busy and apart.  That Rosetti has entered early menopause and is having a lot of complications isn’t helping.  Ro is not only in a perpetually   sour mood, but she’s tremendously unhappy that Mina’s new medical student is the daughter of Regan Douglass, Mina’s first female lover.  Rosetti worries that Mina has never gotten over Regan and now she is afraid Mina may be slipping away from her.  No matter what they try, Mina and Ro can’t seem to get back in sync and Regan’s sudden appearance on the scene threatens to ruin their relationship forever.

This book is typical of a series.  It continues the story of well-known characters presenting conflicts that have to be resolved.  The most refreshing aspect of the story is having Rosetti going through menopause.  For books that deal with women, it’s frustrating how seldom real life health conditions are introduced.  Menopause has definite physical effects on women and those affect their lives.  Including it not only gives the story a different twist, it’s also informative.  Besides this, it might be helpful to have read the first book in the series.  There is background provided, but it would be easier to refer to the earlier story.

At under 200 pages, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is a quick, easy read.  The story isn’t unique, but it is told at an even pace and well developed.  It would make fine reading for an afternoon or evening.

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